Your internship in Yaounde

Looking for a work placement abroad to improve your English skills but the weather in your location? What about departing for an amazing internship in Yaounde? Its climate, beautiful waterfront and its vibrating nightlife make Yaounde one of the most appealing destinations in Yaounde. Pack your bags, Mbongeya Internship is sending you to Yaounde for your next professional experience!

What are my internship opportunities in Yaounde?

Yaounde is one of the leading financial centers in Cameroon. It also rates highly in research and development, manufacturing, IT, logistics and tourism. So, do not hesitate to browse our work placement offers for Yaounde, we are pretty sure we have the perfect one for you!

Why choose Yaounde for a great internship in English?

Yaoundé, spread over 7 hills, is the capital city of Cameroon. It is in the southern part of the country. The 20th-century Notre Dame des Victoires cathedral has a striking triangular roof. Nearby, in the Lake Quarter, the former presidential palace is home to the National Museum, with cultural exhibits such as masks and sculptures. Farther west, Mvog-Betsi Zoo is home to primates rescued from the bushmeat trade.

Places to visit and things to do during a traineeship in Yaounde?

During your internship in Yaounde you will have the opportunity to do plenty of extraordinary things.  And of course you can’t leave without learning how to surf! Whatever you are

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