Our Team

A team of professionals

At Mbongeya Internship we do all we can to ensure you the most successful internship experience. We have recruited the best agents to better understand your needs and provide you with a tailored service. Recruitment, business relation, international relation, education professionals etc. We have very good team cohesion and always come to work with a smile on our face. We are happy and proud to help and support hundreds of young people to realize their dream of starting an internship every year!


Inclusion and Diversity

We at Mbongeya Internships celebrate diversity and inclusion and believe that no one should be discriminated because of ethnicity, disability, religion, age, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation. These fundamental values translate across our clients, partners and staff. We are committed to offering programs and services that are open to candidates of all backgrounds and beliefs and strive to remain as diverse as the communities in which we operate. Likewise, our team embraces diversity and aims to be a reflection of the global marketplace. Mbongeya Internships is committed to providing quality internships and services that are second to none. We are determined to deliver the best to our clients, partners and education providers.

Commitment to Service

We achieve this through:
• The allocation of an Internship Program Supervisor – A one on one contact providing support throughout the program.
• Orientation sessions – An introduction to Mbongeya internship workplace culture.
• Monthly assessment of interns and host enterprise – Every month an agent is send to keep interns up-to-date with local events with relevant program information. An Agent Newsletter is also distributed to interns on different orientation platforms.
• Emergency Support – Mbongeya Internships provides a support line for emergencies that may arise outside of office hours with a support insurance coverage to all students enrolling to our program.
• Certificate of Participation – On completion of the internship all interns will receive feedback from the Host Organization and a Certificate of Participation.
Here at Mbongeya Internships we are proud of the service that we offer and we are committed to continually improving these services.
• We adhere to the best practice procedures, e.g. we respond to client and partner emails within 24 hours.
• We regularly participate in Networking Events organized by international education bodies and other companies to always be informed about the latest industry developments.

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