Your internship in Limbe

Limbe is a beach town in western Cameroon. It’s known for its black sand beaches and Atlantic surf. Limbe Botanic Garden has a herbarium and diverse plant species. The Limbe Wildlife Centre rescues and rehabilitates primates, such as lowland gorillas. Mount Cameroon National Park protects endangered mammals, including forest elephants. Within the park, Mount Cameroon is an active volcano with trails to the summit.

What are my internship opportunities in Limbe?

Limbe is one of the leading recreational centres in the south west region. It also rates highly in research and development, manufacturing, IT, logistics and tourism. So, do not hesitate to browse our work placement offers for Limbe, we are pretty sure we have the perfect one for you!

Why choose Limbe for a great internship in English?

Limbe is a charming place, blessed with a fabulous natural position between the rainforest-swathed foothills of Mt Cameroon and the dramatic Atlantic coastline. Popular with both foreign and Cameroonian tourists, this is a great spot to chill out on the beach for a few days before heading elsewhere.

Places to visit and things to do during a traineeship in Limbe?

During your internship in Limbe you will have the opportunity to do plenty of extraordinary things such as seeing the beach,  wildlife, recreational centres and of course you can’t leave without learning how to surf! Whatever you are

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