Your internship in Bamenda

Bamenda is a city in Cameroon , capital of the Mezam department and the North West region . It is the most populous city in English-speaking Cameroon and was erected into the Urban Community of Bamenda in 2008, divided into three districts. Bamenda has an airport

What are my internship opportunities in Bamenda?

Bamenda is one of the leading centers in the Cameroon. It also rates highly in Recreation and development and tourism. So, do not hesitate to browse our work placement offers for Bamenda, we are pretty sure we have the perfect one for you!

Why choose Bamenda for a great internship in English?

People of the Western Grasslands of Cameroon (Bamelike) This circuit allows you to discover the culture and tradition of the people of the prairies (Bamelike peoples) of Cameroon. The Bamelike and the Bamoun are the two main tribes in this region. We will visit all the palaces in this region and each host a museum showcasing their history and culture. The ruler of a Bamelike palace is a chief, while in Foumban (Bamouns) it is a sultanate ruled by a sultan. For security reasons, the Bamenda road circuit is not available at the moment. This makes this package unique and is a good substitute for the Bamenda road circuit. We visit waterfalls, lakes, palaces with magnificent architecture and museums,

Places to visit and things to do during a traineeship in Bamenda?

During your internship in Bamenda you will have the opportunity to do plenty of extraordinary things such as seeing the Menchum falls, Lake Awing, and more And of course you can’t leave without learning how to surf! Whatever you are

Ayaba Hotel
One of the Top Ranking Hotel in Bamenda
Mawa Hotel
Top Hotel In Bamenda Mile 5
Top Hotel In Bamenda Mile 5
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