We find your internship, your accommodation and we provide you a personalised support service from your registration to the very end of your internship. Take it easy, we take care of everything for you! 


We look for the ideal internship for each student.​


The best accommodation in all destinations.​

Personalized Assistance​

We assist you from the beginning to the end of your stay.

Comprehensive Internship Programs with highest quality of service

At Mbongeya Internships, we offer internship programs in almost all academic disciplines. Internships offer highly structured training in the workplace, benefiting both young professionals and host organizations. Mbongeya Internships programs offer innovative work experience focused on offering interns ‘hands on’ training through real world experience. Mbongeya Internships individually selects suitable host companies for each and every applicant. Each program is negotiated on a case by case basis to ensure that it is tailor matched to candidates – their educational background and professional objectives. The primary focus of the internship program is training and getting firsthand knowledge and exposure into the real working environment.

Complete Care on Your internship

Bringing Life to Your Smile
A quick and easy process

Mbongeya Internship finds your internship and accommodation in 6 easy steps. We take around 4 up to 6 weeks to take care of everything for you. Review of your CV, coaching before the interviews with the companies, signature of your internship agreement, booking of the accommodation, social activities and visits of the destination, are amongst all the things we take care of.

Who we are

We Have All Your internship Covered!
We are a passionate team working for passionate people.
We believe in the power of transformation through experience.
We believe people are what they experience.
Our biggest pleasure is to be part of the beneficial changes in people’s lives.
We believe that everyone has the right to follow their dreams.
We believe that everyone has the right to be happy at work and pursue a successful career.
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We act as a catalyst of people’s change. Positive change.
our job is to HELP people TO ACHIEVE THEIR DREAMS.
To discover themselves. To change. To transform.

We Believe In
We Love to See You Smile

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Happy Stories

this is what some of our interns say about us
MBY was such a dream come true for me. Not just a facilitator for me getting an award winning internship experience but also family as they were with me every step of the way. I am super grateful and I recommend this firm to any student seeking placement,they surpass your expectations! I loved my internship experience, I came face to face with every classroom theory and I am more than grateful.
Bih Glavic
I am a chemical engineering student in my final year. I have been fortunate to get an internship through MBY logistics service. I must confess that at the start of the internship I was kind of afraid since it is my first experience and at the same time eager as well. It has been about three weeks now and I must tell you that I have picked up a lot so far. The working environment is so conducive to learning and the workers are easy going , always ready to enlighten you whenever you have any queries.
Boris Tcheuffa

Our Collaborating companies

We work in collaboration with professional companies. 

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